Please bring your Rolfing uniform :
Women wear bikini or bra and underwear /boy shorts ,
Men wear boxer briefs or gym shorts .
Clients will be walking in uniform in the clinic for analysis .
Thank you !

Choose a service to schedule

FIRST ROLFING SESSION w/Rose - Rolfing Structural Integration - $141
We discuss the recipe & set goals based on client history & interests + Session 1 of Rolfing 10 Series . If you are a new client to my practice this is where to start . Looking forward to it !
ROLFING Continued 2nd session & beyond - $141
ROLFING SI Sessions 2 -10 of series & POST-10 series appointments fall in this category.
Rolf Movement Integration - $113
Effecting structure through functional movement exploration . In addition to effecting functionality through Rolfing Structural Integration and other level of exploration and integration is Rolf Movement . In a Rolf Movement session we discover and deepen the experience of alignment and freedom & claiming the places of freedom found in the structural Rolfing sessions by grooving in the neural pathways that suggest purposeful decompressed stability , mobility , agility , balance and sense where you are in space . This can be anything from exploration of breath , playing your sport , rearranging work environments and vehicle sitting positions , learning to move from push & reach and almost anything else movement and spacial orientation related . Mix theses in between structural sessions or at the end of ten sessions for further integration . you can wear comfortable clothes to these appointments .
Access BARS - Energy Work $33 - $230
Have your Bars Run !
From Access Consciousness come Access Bars , the cleanup and delete of unnecessary cluttered files of thinking that do not serve our experience of lightness in life . For anyone who's mind is in the way of truly receiving the joy of life with ease .

At worst you'll feel like you got a great massage , at best everything will change .

First session 33$ , next 44$ and increasing by 11$ incriments each session for 11 sessions then name your price on scale 99$ - 230$ for all following sessions !
ROLFING SI $141 + BARS $33 - $230
Structural Rolfing session + Bars
HAPPY HEALTHY HOUR social Sept 24 7p-9ish - $0
Community building and deeper dive into possibilities for health and freedom of choice through knowledge . Lets share our experiences and grow strong . All are welcome . Colorful array of snacks and beverages for your enjoyment ,whether on your way home or just getting ready for the eve , pop in , theres something for everyone ! Every LAST MONDAY of the month , rotating locations . This one will be at the METLO !
BRUNCH IN A CUP !! Sept 30 10a-noon - $0
Organic Plant based Brunch Has Never Been Better . Blending up fruits and you name it . Like going to the healthiest frozen yogurt shop but only food no additives no chemicals ever . Lets eat together . Bring your favorite organic fruit to share or 2$ donation please ! How can it get any better than this ? 800 Pennsylvania st Denver CO 80203 in outdoor sunken garden entrance on 8th st . Rain or shine , we have indoor backup meeting area ! text 7206211773 any questions ~ Rose
Directions 1111 Broadway # 302 Denver, CO 80203
720 621 1773